Where Eagles Dare pt. II (Bunnygrunt)
Alone in My Principles (Bunnygrunt)

Last night I saw what will probably be my last concert of the year — a Bunnygrunt in-store performance at Used Kids records in Columbus. I’ve never seen Bunnygrunt before, but they’re a long-time favorite of mine. I thought about not going, but my boyfriend said I should (“When are you going to get the chance to see Bunnygrunt again?”) and I’m glad that I did. They put on a wonderful show & were joined by an accordion player for their last two songs, which was unexpected, but really sweet.

I’m assuming that Bunnygrunt took their show on the road to promote their new album, Matt Harnish & Other Delights, but it was a GBV tribute show that brought them to Columbus. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the GBV show (I’ve seen a few GBV shows in my time, but just don’t think I have the stamina to make it through 10+ bands playing their favorite GBV songs — though I can’t help but wonder what a Bunnygrunt version of “Let’s Ride” or “My Valuable Hunting Knife” might have sounded like).

I’ve uploaded two Bunnygrunt songs & my reasons for choosing them have a lot less to do with Bunnygrunt and a lot more to do with my outside interests — “Where Eagles Dare pt. II” (while a sweet song in and of itself), speaks to the still 15 year-old part of me known for bellowing along with my favorite Misfits’ HITS FROM HELL and “Alone in My Principles” strikes a chord because I have seriously seen That Thing You Do upwards of 30 times and picturing Steve Zahn (“There he goes, off to write that hit song Alone in My Principles“) never fails to bring a smile to my face.

ANYWAY, I sure am glad that I went to see Bunnygrunt last night. You can see a running list of concerts I attended in 2009 here.

Where Eagles Dare pt. II (Bunnygrunt)
Alone in My Principles (Bunnygrunt)


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