I’ve posted about P.S. Eliot here before, their album Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds was released on Salinas Records last summer. This post isn’t really about P.S. Eliot at all, but it is about another band with a release on Salinas: Witches.

I spotted the Witches 7” on the Salinas site this afternoon & a quick Google search revealed a MySpace page with 4 songs and a blog with 3 more. Witches have a sound that reminds me of Cadallaca without the Farfisa — powerful female vocals and catchy guitar lines, simple songs that stay with you. Their cover of the Nerves’ “When You Find Out” (available for download on their blog) is great! I also really like their original, “Do I Sound Like My Self Now?”

If you’re interested in more info, you can email clancybeach@gmail.com about 7”s, tapes, and shirts! In the meantime, you can get their 7” from Salinas.


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25 year old book, comic, zine, and record enthusiast. Favorite things include: 7"s, books about teen sleuths, and rabbits.
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