Lion Eater

Lion Eater, “It’s Been Such A Long Time” (DOWNLOAD)

Normally I’m reticent to post a song by someone when they don’t have a release (or at least more songs somewhere!) for a number of reasons (1. I’d love people to support the artists I feature by purchasing their work, 2. It drives me crazy when I find one great song by someone only to find out that they don’t have anything else available). BUT, I’m going to make an exception for this song because 1. It’s ruling my heart right now and 2. You can still support Lion Eater by buying the Sand Witches demo.

So, Lion Eater is the name that Izzy from Sand Witches released this song under. It’s a sweet, simple tune with just guitar, vocals, & a piano that reminds me of a melodica. I could listen to this song over and over (which is what I’ve been doing while writing this entry) and am dying for Izzy to put out a tape.

This is a perfect springtime song — sort of sad, sort of hopeful, but very, very catchy. I definitely see this becoming a fixture on any spring and summer mixes I might make.

If you like “It’s Been Such A Long Time,” definitely check out Sand Witches and I will for sure report back if Izzy releases any other songs!

Lion Eater, “It’s Been Such A Long Time” (DOWNLOAD)


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