Courtney Love (The Band)

Courtney Love, Hey! Antoinette 7” (DOWNLOAD)
Courtney Love, Highlights 7” (DOWNLOAD)
Courtney Love, Uncrushworthy 7” (DOWNLOAD)
Courtney Love, “Don’t Mix the Colors (Live)” (Beat Happening cover) (DOWNLOAD)

Awhile ago Tukru asked if anyone had Courtney Love’s cover of “Don’t Mix the Colors” (or any other Courtney Love in general) and I say, “I do, I do!” and then promptly forgot to share it with her. So, here it is, somewhat belatedly.

Courtney Love is the sweet team of Lois Maffeo (vocals, guitar) and Pat Maley (drums). They released 3 7”s together and contributed tracks to a compilation or two. Generally speaking, I’m a big fan of Lois, but I’m especially partial to these songs she recorded with Pat. “Uncrushworthy,” “Hey! Antoinette,” “Motorcycle Boy,” songs don’t get much better than these.

The songs are simple, just guitars and drums and Lois’s voice, but they’ll win your heart over in an instant. What I love about music like this is that it really invites the listener to participate — if you listen to this & like it, there’s nothing to stop you from jumping in and doing it on your own.

The Courtney Love 7”s are out of print now, but aren’t especially hard to find (or expensive) on the used market, especially if you’re willing to be vigilant.

For more on Courtney Love, check out this delightful archived interview with Lois.

Courtney Love, Hey! Antoinette 7” (DOWNLOAD)
Courtney Love, Highlights 7” (DOWNLOAD)
Courtney Love, Uncrushworthy 7” (DOWNLOAD)
Courtney Love, “Don’t Mix the Colors (Live)” (Beat Happening cover) (DOWNLOAD)


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5 Responses to Courtney Love (The Band)

  1. miss tukru says:

    >yaaaye thank you!now i've got something else than best coast's when i'm with you too play on a loop. ❤

  2. SISSY says:

    >LADY. SPIRITSISTER. I am in the process of digitizing a bunch of 7"'s for SOUL PONIES and Courtney Love (the band)'s "Uncrushworthy" is on that list. You've just saved me like 3 hours worth of work. I love you. That is all.

  3. K. says:

    >@Tukru No problem! I'm glad that I actually remembered. Unfortunately, saying I'll upload something for someone and then totally forgetting to do so is becoming a habit of mine.@Sissy (do you prefer Sissy or Stacy?) It's no problem! I'm glad that things worked out. I'm in the process of digitizing a lot of my 45s too & it can be a real pain (I hate editing my one long audio track into individual ones & I can never seem to make the output volume as loud as I'd like it, but whatever.) If you ever want to compare lists to see if there's anything else we're both planning on digitizing, let me know! I know I just converted some out of print stuff by Kaia and The Third Sex, which both seem like things you might post about over on Soul Ponies.

  4. SISSY says:

    >Yes! Let's compare lists, save the duplication of efforts. I will write up a list of 7"s to be digitized shortly–I know of the top of my head that the Third Sex is one of them but I don't have any Kaia. What is the Third Sex title you're going to post?Oh yes and I don't care how you refer to me, but I guess "Stacy" sounds more legit, so let's go with that.

  5. bitterbutter says:

    >Uncrushworthy is just the best.

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