New Blanche Hudson Weekend Song

There’s a new Blanche Hudson Weekend song! It’s called “Let Me Go” and you can stream it via their MySpace page.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend takes their name from the Bette Davis/Joan Crawford classic What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and contains former members of Manhattan Love Suicides. (Not unlike MLS) The Blanche Hudson Weekend blends shoegazy guitars with lovely pop vocals — a combination that’s especially noticeable on “Let Me Go,” which is a delightfully upbeat track.

The Blanche Hudson weekend have released two 7”s to date, The Rats in the Cellar EP (Odd Box Records) and The Letters to Daddy EP (Squirrel Records.) If you’re in the US and don’t want to pay overseas shipping, Jisgaw Mailorder has The Letters to Daddy EP in stock for $6.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend is gearing up for their first ever live show (they’ll be playing in London on July 20th) and will also be playing at Indietracks this summer (which features an all around astounding lineup. I wish I could be there!)

I know that this post is ostensibly about the new BHW song, but while you’re over at their MySpace page, I really recommend listening to all of the stuff they have posted, especially “Grip of Fear” and “Only Snow” from The Rats in the Cellar EP. I can’t get over how good those two songs are — absolutely gorgeous.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend on MySpace
Odd Box Records
Squirrel Records
Jisgaw Mailorder (US orders, has The Letters to Daddy EP)


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