Vehicle Blues/Bridgetown Records

Vehicle Blues, “Changer” (DOWNLOAD)

ATTN Cleveland! Don’t forget, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart will be playing the Beachland Ballroom with Surfer Blood this Sunday! The Pains put on a great show in the Beachland Tavern last year and I am super stoked to see them again. Tickets are $12 in advance/$14 at the door. I got mine at Music Saves!

Kevin from Bridgetown Records recently contacted me about his label’s latest release, an album by Vehicle Blues called Changer. Vehicle Blues have a driving shoegaze pop sound that reminds me of some of my all-time and current favorite groups. If you listen to Galaxie 500 or Weed Hounds, you should definitely consider throwing down $6 for Changer. I can’t imagine you’d regret it. (If you enjoyed that Singing Bridges EP I posted about the other week, that’s probably another good indicator that you’d like this!)

Kevin also included some sampler tracks from other Bridgetown releases. I was already a fan of local Bridgetown band, Cloud Nothings (Clevelanders, mark your calendars! They will be playing at Blue Arrow Records and Books on Tuesday, July 20th with Weed Hounds. I can’t wait!), but the samplers introduced me to some new and unfamiliar artists: Nicole Kidman have a quirky, home-brewed pop sound that reminds me of Daniel Johnston, Trudgers blend melodic guitar hooks with ghostly vocals for a result that reminds me of a slightly more pop, totally more lo-fi Joy Division, and BYODeath won me over with a song that sounded like it was stolen straight from Bob Pollard’s garage, in the best possible way.

Bridgetown currently has some great deals going, you can get a “Just Before Summer” deal of 8 pre-selected albums ($28ppd in the US, $32 ppd for overseas) or you can get any 5 albums for $20ppd (US) or $24ppd (overseas.) To order, see the Bridgetown Records site.

Vehicle Blues, “Changer” (DOWNLOAD)


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  1. April says:

    >Surfer Blood is GREAT live, so Clevelanders, turn out!

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