The Wendy Darlings

The Wendy Darlings, “Zero Zero Seven” (DOWNLOAD)

First: I’ve got a huge backlog of reviews to get through, so I’m really sorry if you’ve e-mailed me about something and I haven’t gotten back to you! I was e-mailed about this Wendy Darlings 7” back in the first week of July and am just now getting to it! (In all fairness, I did just move and have been working on cleaning the new house, getting the old house ready for an inspection, unpacking everything, etc.)

Second: I’m slowly, slowly working my way through the releases that have been e-mailed/regular mailed to me. If you’ve sent something my way, I promise that I’ll get to it. It might just take awhile. Sorry!

Third: The Wendy Darlings. Back in April, The Wendy Darlings released a new 7” on UK label/mail order Marineville Records. The 7” has four new songs and they were kind enough to send an electronic version my way so that I could write a little bit about it here.

“Zero Zero Seven,” the first song on the 7” is a ramshackle blast that reminds me of Tiger Trap or Heavenly with a heavy, heavy dose of sixties pop. This is a song that could find an easy home on many mix tapes. “Seven Years Bad Luck” takes the sonic intensity down a notch, but remains lyrically heartfelt and heavily indebted to fifties/sixties pop, sounding not unlike an indie pop version of Little Anthony’s “Tears On My Pillow.” The b-side is just as strong as the a-side, particularly the closing track, “Suffer Girl,” which clocks in at just under two minutes

Here’s a video for “Sunday So Bored” from the b-side of the new 7”:

You can get the new Wendy Darlings 7” direct from Marineville.

The Wendy Darlings on MySpace

The Wendy Darlings, “Zero Zero Seven” (DOWNLOAD)


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