New Releases from Allo Darlin!

I got an e-mail on the Allo Darlin mailing list this afternoon with some exciting news! The group has a new 7” out on Fortuna Pop — “If Loneliness Was Art” b/w “Girlfriend.” According to the e-mail, the 7” arrives tomorrow and will soon be available to order either directly from the band or on the Fortuna Pop website. “If Loneliness Was Art” is the third single from Allo Darlin’s gorgeous self-titled album (released earlier this summer on Fortuna Pop.) I already can’t wait to order my copy!

The group has also contributed a song (“Tallulah”) to the Hangover Lounge 10” comp. You can read about & listen to all of the tracks on the comp here. (The page for Allo Darlin’s contribution is here.) The Hangover Lounge 10” is limited to 500 copies — paypal £7 (UK) £8 (Europe) £10 (Americas) or £11 (Aus/NZ/Far East) to In addition to the blogspot site, you can stream the song and view more information on Allo Darlin’s bandcamp page.

The band’s e-mail also mentioned that they’ll be touring the US in October, so I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for those dates!


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