MiniBoone/Sippy Cup Everything Showcase Info

Oh man, when am I ever going to learn to stop letting things linger in my inbox? About a week ago Mike from Sippy Cup Everything sent me a quick e-mail about a new track from MiniBoone from their forthcoming 7” & he tagged on some CMJ information as well. And, of course, I let it sit there and thought, I’ll definitely get to it soon. And then I went out and bought the new Marnie Stern album and listened to it over and over again all weekend long while Mike’s e-mail languished in my inbox.

Anyway, after tearing myself away from the Las Robertas album this morning, I decided to listen to the track Mike passed on to me so that I could at least post the CMJ showcase info in good conscience & whoa! It’s nearly six minutes long & not a second of those six minutes is boring.

“The Other Summer” is a high energy epic pop song — Mike compares it to Springsteen, Queen, & Andrew WK, & yeah, yes, all of those — but I also hear the good humored power pop of Pansy Division & the driving, sincere sound of J Church. This is a sleek six minutes — it doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve been asked to listen to or write about lately. If you’re a fan of frenzied pop ballads, you probably ought to listen to this (you can stream it here.) “The Other Summer” is the a-side of a forthcoming 7”, so keep your eye out for that.

If you’re going to be at CMJ this week, you can catch MiniBoone at any of their six performances:

10/20 WED @ 9:00pm | Gigmaven Showcase @ National Underground
10/22 FRI @ 8:00pm | Whitesmith Entertainment Showcase @ Otto’s Shrunken Head
10/22 FRI @ 9:30pm | RethinkPopMusic Showcase @ Crash Mansion
10/23 SAT @ 7:00pm | Showcase @ Parkside Lounge
10/23 SAT @ 10:15pm | Deli Magazine Official CMJ Showcase @ Spike Hill
10/23 SAT @ midnight | AMI Entertainment Showcase @ Ace of Club 

Sippy Cup Everything is hosting a showcase of their own on Friday, the performance schedule is as follows & all performances are taking place at Spike Hill:

1:00pm Little Racer (NYC)
1:50pm The Big Big Bucks (Boston)
2:40pm Young Adults (Boston)
3:30pm Slow Animal (New Jersey)
4:20pm Young Mammals (Houston)
5:10pm Pretty & Nice (Boston) 

MiniBoone on Bandcamp
MiniBoone on MySpace
MiniBoone official site
MiniBoone releases on Drug Front Records
Sippy Cup Everything on Tumblr


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