New 8tracks mix!

It’s time for the bi-weekly SP 8tracks mix! I’ve been thinking a lot about school lately — a big part of my work involves negotiating with local schools, so I have school on the brain a big part of the time (and it’s been more than usual as I’ve been following teacher responses to the proposed legislation to compromise the ability of unions to organize.) Anyway, since I’ve had school on the brain, I’ve put together a mix of 10 songs about school. Since 8tracks doesn’t allow you to post track lists on their site, I’ve got a track list for you here:

  1. Big School – Guided By Voices
  2. Fuck School – The Replacements
  3. Late for School – Ponytail
  4. No More School – Weed Diamond
  5. And I Was A Boy From School – Portastatic
  6. Girls’ School – Rasputina
  7. High School – The Watson Twins
  8. We Rule the School – Belle & Sebastian
  9. High School High – The Billionaires
  10. Art School Anarchist – Teenage Cool Kids

You can stream the mix here.


About K.

25 year old book, comic, zine, and record enthusiast. Favorite things include: 7"s, books about teen sleuths, and rabbits.
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