Music Diary Project (Thursday)

I was out of the office more than usual on Thursday, so I listened to less music at work. However, on Thursdays I normally drive more often, so I heard more music outside of work hours than I usually do. So maybe there is some sort of balance?

  • Heard on the radio: Rihanna,“S&M”, Chris Brown, “Yeah 3x”, Weezer, “My Name is Jonas”, Blink 182, “Rock Show”, Neon Trees, “Animal”, Katy Perry, “E.T.”, Taio Cruz, “Higher”

I get called out of the office early this morning to drop a group of students off at a middle school in East Cleveland for a tutoring program. On the way there I listen to NPR to get caught up on news re: the impending shutdown of our fed’l government (and also to provide a sobering example of adulthood, hopefully coming off as more adult than I actually am.) On the way back (sans student volunteers, who will be picked up by someone else later in the day), I flip back and forth between Top 40 radio and a generic “alternative” station. Out of all the songs I hear, the only one I really enjoy is “My Name is Jonas.” I turn the stereo up REALLY LOUD while I listen to it. Other notes: I try not to think about what it means for a Rihanna song to segue into one by Chris Brown.

  • Cults 7”

Back in the office, I listen to three songs by Cults on their Bandcamp and reflect on their live show and whether or not I think their album will be good. The songs still sound much weaker to me in their recorded form. Maybe the album will have better production and won’t seem so thin?

  • 23 Liz Phair “rarities” (I listen to “Greased Lightning” twice)

According to, Liz Phair has recently surpassed The Mountain Goats as my #2 most listened to artist (re: The Mountain Goats, I went through a Thing that involved listening to certain songs from All Hail West Texas on repeat for awhile.) I have mixed feelings on my top artists as ranked by, but can safely say that Phair probably deserves to be where she is… I listen to her first three albums fairly regularly and have a large stash of demos, unreleased studio recordings, etc., that I listen to quite a bit. The songs in this playlist are a bit hit or miss — I’m not sure what era they day to, maybe whitechocolatespaceegg? The good ones are very good and, overall, they’re smooth sounding and unobtrusive. They remind me of Aimee Mann.

  • Nicki Minaj,“Girls Fall Like Dominos” (listened to twice), Pink Friday up to “Your Love”

I step out of work for an off-site meeting and come back in such a good mood, so I listen to my favorite Nicki Minaj song twice and then listen to the bulk of her album. Nicki is probably my favorite female rapper right now — her work is fun to listen to, but it’s also fun to engage with on a critical level. I think there’s a lot to talk about w/ Nicki re: representations of femininity, sexual agency of female rappers, transnational feminisms, cultural appropriation, etc.

  • In the car: songs by Rihanna and Katy Perry (radio), songs by Nicki Minaj, Weezer, Blink 182, Bright Eyes, Childish Gambino, and Diddy Dirty Money (mix CD)

A couple of weeks ago I made a mix CD and then badly scratched it because I didn’t store it properly and now I can only listen to the first 10 songs, so I skipped through and listened to selections from the first 10 songs over and over. I listen to “Tired of Sex” by Weezer REALLY LOUD, because the enjoyability of that song has a direct correlation to how loudly it’s played, and I keep it loud for “Josie” by Blink 182 and “If Winter Ends” by Bright Eyes. I listen to “Freaks and Geeks” by Childish Gambino a few times in a row trying to keep track of wordplay/pop culture references and do the same thing with “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy Dirty Money, except I’m thinking about the process of aging publicly through art and what it means when you begin making art w/in a genre typically associated w/ youth culture, but do so in a way that is particular to your experiences w/ being middle aged and reflecting upon your life. I like how “I’m Coming Home” is framed around the speaker’s responses to different songs (texts) and how these texts bring up different emotions for him that cause him to reflect upon his life… I’m always interested in how we use our engagement with media to mediate our own identities, which is definitely part of what draws me to this song.

I also got a pack of tapes in the mail from Burger Records, but haven’t had a chance to listen to any of them yet and probably won’t until Sunday…


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