Music Diary Project (Friday)

  • Childish Gambino performing on Jimmy Fallon

I force myself to actually do some major work at work and don’t listen to any music at work until after 10:30 or so when I decide to watch a Donald Glover interview/performance on Jimmy’ Fallon’s show. I can’t tell if Donald’s performance is a freestyle or not,  I hear lines that I feel like I recognize, but I have a bad memory for that kind of thing and am honestly just not well-versed enough in his back catalogue to know. The Roots still rule. They are probably the only late night show band that I care about and/or notice.

  • Nicki Minaj,“Check it Out”, “Massive Attack”

I started listening to Nicki’s album at the end of the work day on Thursday, but don’t get to finish it. I hate leaving albums unfinished, so I listen to the last two tracks before I start anything else. I’m not wild about either of these songs, but I guess they’re ok. I really just listened to them to keep my play counts for the album even.

  • Liz Phair, 23 rarities

After finishing Nicki’s album, I listen to the same set of Liz Phair rarities that I listened to on Thursday. Some of these are new to me. whitechocolatespaceegg era Phair is good work music — catchy, but not distracting.

  • Marine Research,“Glamour Gap” (streamed on Tumblr)

A few people I follow on Tumblr are blogging back and forth about this song and talking about whether or not it’s sexist/anti-femme. I never listened to very much Marine Research, so the song is new to me. The twangy guitar reminds me of the music from Twin Peaks, but the lyrics really make me wince (a lot of “I’m not like those other girls who wear makeup and care about their appearance blah blah blah” kind of stuff.) I feel like this is something I might have been into if I was much younger, but instead hearing it just makes me sad and reminds me of a lot of the shaming/in-fighting that happens within feminist communities over stuff like this.

  • Earl Sweatshirt, “Molliwopped” (streamed on Tumblr)

A couple of people I follow on Tumblr are reblogging early Earl Sweatshirt tracks. I choose to listen to this one because it’s reblogged by B. Michael and an article he recently wrote about Odd Future basically restored my faith in the act of critiquing/reading about Odd Future. I like this song a lot, but I’m into things that sample video games.

  • P.S. Eliot, Sadie (2x)

I find out via tumblr that the new P.S. Eliot album is available for free download via ifyoumakeit, so I download it and listen to it right away. I was really into P.S. Eliot’s demo when I was in college and liked their first album ok, but this album is great. I hate to say that things are better than I thought they would be, because I feel like that implies that I thought they would be bad, but this album is so much better than I was anticipating. I listen to it twice in a row and know it will be a great summer record. I make a mental note to buy the LP from Salinas Records.

  • Unrest, Imperial f.f.r.r. (only up to “Champion Nines”)

I’m not sure what to listen to, but figure that I shouldn’t listen to Sadie three times in a row, so I scroll through my iTunes and pick out an Unrest album. I listen to the first few songs until I get distracted by a review for the new Mazes album.

  • Cher, “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” (YouTube)

I briefly contemplate posting a Cher video to my friend Brittany’s facebook wall because we both love Cher. I decide against it.

  • Mazes, A Thousand Heys

I read a review for the new Mazes album on Pitchfork and decide that it’s the kind of thing that I would like to hear. It’s the perfect length of time (half an hour) for the amount of time I have remaining at work. I really, really like the first song, but the rest of the album leaves me lukewarm.

  • Incidental music in the car

All I can remember about what Drew and I listened to in the car last night is that when he turned the car on, “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy Dirty Money came on and he said “What is this garbage?” and then turned on NPR.


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25 year old book, comic, zine, and record enthusiast. Favorite things include: 7"s, books about teen sleuths, and rabbits.
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