Entire Jen Wood Back Catalogue Now Available Digitally!

Exciting times, pals! I just got an e-mail from New Granada alerting me to the fact that Jen Wood has made her entire back catalogue available via Bandcamp!

Jen Wood began her career as one half of the enigmatic riot grrl/alternative/folk/indescribable teenage duo Tattle Tale. After Tattle Tale disbanded, Jen continued to record, maturing as both a songwriter and a guitarist. Jen’s occasionally musically sparse, but always emotionally rich recordings are haunting in the best possible way.

I’m lucky enough to own most of these recordings, but am thrilled that Jen is making them available digitally as they’re getting increasingly hard to come by. If you’re unsure of where to start, I would recommend the This Uncontainable Light EP or Getting Past the Static. You can view the full selection of releases here.

There is something deeply humbling about Jen’s music, something that helps to remind me of both the significance of my own experiences as well as my place in the world. It has been a long time since I was 15, but I have few memories that resonate with me as strongly as hearing her song “Ride” for the first time on a clear, warm summer night.

For more Jen, check out my Tattle Tale discography.


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