Let’s Whisper, The Shortest Days

Continuing my fine tradition of taking way too long to get things done, I’m just now getting around to writing about the new album from indie pop (sometimes) duo Let’s Whisper. Last summer Let’s Whisper released a short and sweet 3 song EP on weePOP! and now they’re back with their first full-length album, which also happens to be the first full length release on the weePOP! label. Two of the EP tracks have made it onto this album, including album opener “California Girls.”

Like their EP, The Shortest Days overs a selection of sweet, sincere pop songs. Colin and Dana have clearly found a comfortable collaborative voice with each other and they work well together, drafting delicate, thoughtful pop songs. While their sound is sometimes a little passive for my taste (lately I have been listening to a lot of pop punk and bombastic over the top hip hop, because, you know, it’s almost summer), I can appreciate the soft, introspective sound of their work. Colin and Dana layer numerous beats and melodies, creating an album that feels like a sweater you want to snuggle deep inside of. There is something comforting and reassuring about this kind of music.

My favorite track is the title one, “Shortest Days,“ whose lovely guitar line reminds me of The Field Mice, a perennial pop favorite for most of the people I know. I also really like “Snowy Sunday Afternoon,“ which reminds me a little bit of the Sour Grapes (one of my favorite, often overlooked, pop groups.) Listening to the album for a second time, I have the suspicion that these are songs that will grow on me slowly, one listen at a time, & that once this album has worked its way into my heart, that it will be there for a long time. In many ways, I have a lot of admiration for albums that are slow growers and for songs that take their time to charm you. It’s nice to feel yourself growing closer to something and Let’s Whisper is a band whose sound does a beautiful job of capturing that feeling.

The Shortest Days has just started shipping. You can get a copy of your very own direct from weePOP! The release is limited to 500 copies and is beautifully packaged. You can find out more about Let’s Whisper on their official site.

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