P.S. Eliot, Sadie

P.S. Eliot, “Talk” (DOWNLOAD)
P.S. Eliot, “Sadie” (DOWNLOAD)
P.S. Eliot, “Jesus Christ” (DOWNLOAD)

So, I actually drafted this on April 19, 2011 and am just now posting it. My bad. Don’t worry, the album is still really good!

So, there is (I think) this moment in My So-Called Life where Angela Chase is, as usual, monologue-ing and she says something about how sometimes there is a space in your heart and someone says something that finds a way to fit right into it, and that is, a little bit, like how I’m feeling about Sadie right now.

I hate to say that something is better than I expected it to be, because that makes me feel like I’m giving off a “I should have been too good for this” vibe, but Sadie wasn’t an album that I was eagerly anticipating. I knew it was coming out and I knew that I would listen to it, but I wasn’t hyperventilating over it or anything. I figured that I would get around to listening to it and that it would be ok, maybe good, but that it wasn’t anything to trouble myself over.

As usual, I was too quick to judge.

P.S. Eliot makes music perfect for the liminal times in your life. I first hear their demo during my senior year of college, feeling lost and listless and desperate for something, anything to hang onto. Their first album came out just as I was easing into my first “real&rdquo job, taking a tentative stab at adult living. And now? Sadie comes as I prepare to leave that position and figure out what I’m going to do next.

P.S. Eliot has definitely grown stylistically since 2009’s Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds. Sadie has a tightness, a crispness, a something-ness to it that I don’t remember earlier P.S. Eliot releases having. “Talk,” the album opener grabbed me almost immediately on my first listen and nearly ten listens later, it’s still one of my favorite songs on the album along with the title track, “Sadie.”

Sadie fuses elements of the pop-punk I loved growing up with a sense of perspective and maturity that speaks to me as someone perpetually on the precipice of adulthood (whatever that means, anyway.) I feel reassured and hopeful when I listen to this record — it’s perfect for spring, for new beginnings, for filling up tiny, empty parts of yourself.

You can download the album in full via If You Make It and if you like what you hear, you can either donate to the band (also via If You Make It) or purchase the album on vinyl from Salinas Records. If you have access to a record player, I would recommend picking up the album as it comes with a nice color insert and a lyrics sheet (too rare these days!) You can get more P.S. Eliot news via their blog.

P.S. Eliot, “Talk” (DOWNLOAD)
P.S. Eliot, “Sadie” (DOWNLOAD)
P.S. Eliot, “Jesus Christ” (DOWNLOAD)


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