Grass Widow, Milo Minute

Grass Widow, “Mannequin” (DOWNLOAD)

I don’t think there’s a single thing about Grass Widow that I don’t love. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the perfect band. I was stunned by their Captured Tracks EP & their first two full-length albums and I couldn’t be more stoked about a 7” than I am about Milo Minute.

Milo Minute is the first in a series of self-released 7”s on Grass Widow’s very own HLR imprint. The a-side, “Milo Minute,” is a striking 2 minutes jam-packed with Grass Widow’s layered vocals and post-punk instrumentation. The b-side features two songs, both covers. The first is “Time Keeps Time,” originally by the Neo Boys and the second is “Mannequin,” originally by wire. “Mannequin” is the highlight of the EP for me — there’s something about the way that the component parts of the song come together to create something wholly new and fresh that takes my breath away every time. Grass Widow makes the song, an old post-punk standard, come alive in a new and entrancing way.

Some time ago I read a great piece about Grass Widow by Tobi Vail where she mentioned that Grass Widow’s sound is especially exciting because it challenges how we understand the ways in which notions of hierarchy play into music — there is no “lead singer” in Grass Widow and everyone’s instruments work together in a way that feels circular. Rather than being lead in a visible linear progression from beginning to end, Grass Widow’s songs seem to spiral in on themselves, creating a sense of depth that is fresh, exciting, and important.

You can score a copy of Milo Minute direct from Grass Widow. Now that they’re back from their European tour, they’re shipping them out! (I pre-ordered a copy back in May and got it in the mail just yesterday. It was worth the wait.) Grass Widow is taking orders via their website.

Grass Widow, “Mannequin” (DOWNLOAD)


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