Pre-Order New DDG Album from Sub Pop

I know, I know, I’ve (again!) been light on updates for the last few weeks. Work and life have been exceptionally busy, but I’m taking a break from my busy administrative lifestyle to mention that Only in Dreams, the sophomore album from Dum Dum Girls, is now available for pre-order from Sub Pop. While supplies last, pre-orders will be shipped out with a white vinyl 7” (Crystal Baby b/w Coming Down) and the first 700 folks to order will receive the “Loser Edition,” pressed on pink vinyl. It’s no surprise that I’m a total sucker for pre-order goodies, so I was obviously stoked to hear about this.

Last year, I felt my enthusiasm for Dum Dum Girls beginning to wane, but their fabulous He Gets Me High EP turned that all around. I’m really excited to hear what Dee Dee & co. do with this album — I don’t know how many of you follow Dee Dee on twitter or occasionally check on the DDG blog, but the favorite songs and videos that Dee Dee shares give you a much greater sense of the range of influences that Dum Dum Girls incorporate into their music. It seems as though a lot of the music journalists who’ve profiled them hear their “blissed out buzz saw” guitars and jump the gun to lump them in with C86 bands, but a quick scroll through their recent blog posts will show influences as diverse as Roxy Music, Big Star, and The Cure.

Are album trailers a new thing? I don’t know, they’re new to me. Anyway, DDG have a minute-long trailer for the album that shows them bumming around LA while getting tattooed.

Only in Dreams is out on Sub Pop on 9/27! Dum Dum Girls will be touring in support of the album with Crocodiles throughout October and November. Dates are here. You can download “Coming Down,” the first track from the new album to be made available, from the album’s pre-order page.


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