Eric’s Leftovers

ImageEric Gaffney (JC & Friends), “Fast Times at Riot Girl High” (DOWNLOAD)

It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I had it together enough to post an end of year list, but I haven’t blogged much since (though I’ve heard plenty of great new — and old — albums and have gone a handful of amazing shows).

I’ve been getting loads of publicity emails and have been automatically archiving most of them without even opening them — blogging has started to feel too much like work & I hate work and that’s probably why I haven’t blogged since January.

But you know what doesn’t feel too much like work? Listening to Eric Gaffney’s recently released collection of old demos, rarities, etc. I impulse bought it via Eric’s Bandcamp after coming home from work tonight and I’ve been listening to the track “Fast Times at Riot Girl High” on repeat for like the last 15 minutes.

We all know I have ~complicated feelings~ about riot grrl, so let’s not even have that conversation. Instead let’s talk about Eric Gaffney — about those songs of his that sound like the emotional equivalent of a teenage volcanic eruption, that remind me of the boys I grew up with (scabby knees and unkempt hair and Megadeath tshirts, smoking weed out beyond the football field), that make me think of myself as a teenager, hunched over in my desk, furiously scribbling in a falling apart spiral bound notebook.

I moved this summer (yes, again) and listening to Eric’s Leftovers feels a little like moving. Like going through boxes and boxes filled with scraps of paper and Polaroid photos and fliers torn down from wherever they happened to catch my eye. There are things to keep here and maybe some things to throw away. There are things that provoke significant emotional responses and sometimes you feel sad and sometimes you feel wiser and sometimes you feel elated — like the moment in “Fast Times at Riot Girl High” where Eric howls, “BIKINI KILL – BIT BY BIT GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD.” And whatever your feeling, it just feels good to finally feel something.

Eric Gaffney (JC & Friends), “Fast Times at Riot Girl High” (DOWNLOAD)


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