Side Ponytail is a pop blog that dates to 9/9/09. I am not a good blogger, nor am I a prolific one. I blog about music that I like, mostly indie rock and pop, and occasionally add in a smattering of cultural criticism (though that’s not always so well received, as I’ve found.)

I’m in my twenties and work in a museum. I’m partial to 7”s, mystery novels, Cleveland football, and TV shows set in imaginary high schools in California. Longtime favorite albums include: You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This (Mirah), Any Other City (Life Without Buildings), Exile in Guyville (Liz Phair), The Golden Dove (Mary Timony), and Propeller (Guided By Voices.)

I do accept music for review, but very often neglect to write about things that people send to me (unless they strike me as something really special.) Please don’t be offended if you send me something and I don’t write about it. If you want to send me something, please email me at heysideponytail@gmail.com.


One Response to About

  1. Carver says:

    Your blog is my favorite. Won’t you please write more posts.

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