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The Andersen Tapes, As I Write ‘Today’ Ten Times

The Andersen Tapes, “Smartypants” (DOWNLOAD) The Andersen Tapes, “Clap, Clap, Clap” (DOWNLOAD) In the business of judging books by their covers, the first thing I really noticed about As I Write ‘Today’ Ten Times was the layout of the type … Continue reading

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Puro Instinct, Headbangers in Ecstasy/Giving It All Away

Puro Instinct, “Lost at Sea” (DOWNLOAD) Puro Instinct, “Stilyagi” (DOWNLOAD) So, my boss gave me the day off on Monday and I was sitting on the couch reading We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver when I heard … Continue reading

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Sarandon’s Age of Reason

Sarandon’s new album, Sarandon’s Age of Reason, is due out later this month on Odd Box (in the UK) and Slumberland (in the US.) A striking arrangement of wiry, agressive pop and spoken word pieces, Sarandon’s Age of Reason is … Continue reading

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Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor, “Beach Community” (DOWNLOAD) Joyce Manor, “Leather Jacket” (DOWNLOAD) Joyce Manor, “Constant Headache” (DOWNLOAD) It’s winter here, still, and it probably will be for at least another month and a half, but we had a glimpse of spring last … Continue reading

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Haunted Houses + Drew Hill

Remember a long time ago when I said I got a big box of tapes in the mail from Bathetic? It took me ages to get around to reviewing their reissue of Angel Olsen’s Strange Cacti cassette (review here) & … Continue reading

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Las Robertas

Last week Art Fag Recordings released Cry Out Loud the debut full-length from Las Robertas, a sun-drenched-noisy-all-girl trio from Costa Rica. The record is 10 songs long and it’s longer than half an hour, but shorter than 31 minutes. It … Continue reading

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New Release(s) from MJ Hibbett & The Validators

So, I keep referring to this “backlog” of things I have to listen to, you know, like I’m just so overwhelmed with things to listen to (what a tragedy!), but it’s true, I have a huge backlog of things that … Continue reading

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