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Old News: Girlysound Tapes

Girlysound Cassette #1 (DOWNLOAD) Girlysound Cassette #2 (DOWNLOAD) Girlysound Cassette #3 (DOWNLOAD) So, growing up, Liz Phair was one of my favorite artists. According to, I’ve listened to nearly 1,000 Liz Phair songs since November of 2005, making her … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Dum Dum Girls

So, I ordered two copies of the debut full-length LP from Dum Dum Girls — one from HoZac and one from Sub Pop. My HoZac copy came in the mail this morning & I’m listening to it now! If you’re … Continue reading

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Bonfire Madigan Discography

So, last week I posted all of my Tattle Tale releases & this week I’m back with more! After Tattle Tale broke up, both Madigan and Jen continued to record on their own. Madigan released several EPs, 7″s, and albums, … Continue reading

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What I Bought

Mike Watt, “Tuff Gnarl” (Download) Yesterday I picked up a used CD copy of Mike Watt’s first solo album, Ball-Hog or Tugboat? and it is awesome. Normally I don’t really get records with that “so and so and all their … Continue reading

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What I Bought

fIREHOSE, “Riddle of the Eighties” (Download) fIREHOSE, “In My Mind” (Download) Samson & the Philistines (Talk About the Passion) J-Church, “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville” (Download) Yesterday Drew and I went in search of a birthday present for his dad … Continue reading

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I’ve posted about P.S. Eliot here before, their album Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds was released on Salinas Records last summer. This post isn’t really about P.S. Eliot at all, but it is about another band with a release … Continue reading

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“3 Wise Men and a Baby (Xmas Song)” (The Cavedogs) “Piece for Christmas” (Big People) I’m not exactly 100% crazy about Christmas or Christmas music & neither is my family & neither is my partner, & really, the only Christmas … Continue reading

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