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Old News: Ragazza Pop Compilation

Various Artists, Ragazza Pop (DOWNLOAD) Earlier this summer, Mirah released a 7” on Mississippi Records. The a-side, “Don’t!” just happened to be one of my favorite Mirah songs. A sixties girl group inspired number with a pounding piano and backing … Continue reading

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Courtney Love (The Band)

Courtney Love, Hey! Antoinette 7” (DOWNLOAD) Courtney Love, Highlights 7” (DOWNLOAD) Courtney Love, Uncrushworthy 7” (DOWNLOAD) Courtney Love, “Don’t Mix the Colors (Live)” (Beat Happening cover) (DOWNLOAD) Awhile ago Tukru asked if anyone had Courtney Love’s cover of “Don’t Mix … Continue reading

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Mirah announces tour with Thao!

I’m certainly blogging away this afternoon! I’m super stoked to say that Mirah (who is, in case you haven’t picked up on it by now, basically my favorite musician in the entire world) is hitting the road with Thao Nguyen. … Continue reading

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Bonfire Madigan Discography

So, last week I posted all of my Tattle Tale releases & this week I’m back with more! After Tattle Tale broke up, both Madigan and Jen continued to record on their own. Madigan released several EPs, 7″s, and albums, … Continue reading

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Ten Years is a Long Time

Ten years is a long time. I’ve been sort of thinking about what my favorite albums and songs of the last ten years are and it’s a pretty tough list to make. I’m not even sure what the criteria would … Continue reading

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“Don’t Give Up” LAKE I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to leave LAKE’s “Don’t Give Up” off of my top songs of 2009. What was I thinking? This song is so good. So good that I … Continue reading

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Peeking Shows His Ignorance (mp3) A couple of weeks ago I posted about Rose Melberg and her new album, Homemade Ship and in that post I sort of talked a little bit about the growth process I went through when … Continue reading

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