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Old News is Good News: Free to Fight Comp

Various Artists, Free to Fight (DOWNLOAD) Two things: 1. So, the other day I was watching videos of Team Dresch on YouTube and I was watching a performance of “Freewheel” from a few years ago and there was this really … Continue reading

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Old News: The Poop Alley Tapes

Various Artists, The Poop Alley Tapes (DOWNLOAD) Last night, Drew woke me up at like one in the morning because he was losing his mind over the fact that the deluxe edition of Weezer’s Pinkerton had leaked. My initial thoughts … Continue reading

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Old News: Weatherbeat Scene and Delta Dart Demos

Again I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff to listen to & review, a quick scroll through my inbox tells me that you can look forward to thoughts on the upcoming Katrina Stonehart/Vehicle Blues split on A. Karina tapes, songs … Continue reading

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