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Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor, “Beach Community” (DOWNLOAD) Joyce Manor, “Leather Jacket” (DOWNLOAD) Joyce Manor, “Constant Headache” (DOWNLOAD) It’s winter here, still, and it probably will be for at least another month and a half, but we had a glimpse of spring last … Continue reading

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Forming, “Hate My Gutz” (DOWNLOAD) I first found out about Crooked Direction Records when they released Weed Hounds’ demo tape last year. As regular readers (uh, if there are any regular readers) know, I’m a big fan of Weed Hounds, … Continue reading

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Live in Cleveland (Last Week)

“Mind Meld,” Kitten Forever (Download) “Voodoo,” Kitten Forever (Download) So, last Friday I had the complete and total pleasure of seeing Kitten Forever play at the Blue Arrow on Waterloo. Kitten Forever is a 3 girl punk rock band from … Continue reading

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What I Bought

Mike Watt, “Tuff Gnarl” (Download) Yesterday I picked up a used CD copy of Mike Watt’s first solo album, Ball-Hog or Tugboat? and it is awesome. Normally I don’t really get records with that “so and so and all their … Continue reading

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TacocaT, Frenching and Foodstamps (Download) I feel like I start off all of these blog entries with a statement about what a bummer day I’m having, which seems a little absurd and, sometimes, hyperbolic. So far today has been a … Continue reading

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What I Bought

fIREHOSE, “Riddle of the Eighties” (Download) fIREHOSE, “In My Mind” (Download) Samson & the Philistines (Talk About the Passion) J-Church, “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville” (Download) Yesterday Drew and I went in search of a birthday present for his dad … Continue reading

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Sand Witches

My love for the lo-fi punk rock cassette is undying. I will buy them in the mail, I will beg them off friends, I will keep them forever in an overflowing basket of cassette tapes that I keep wedged next … Continue reading

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