Label & Mailorder Guide

One of my favorite things about the indie pop and mail order worlds are the ways in which communities of people come together to raise awareness of music they love. Growing up, mail order was what made indie rock and pop accessible to me. Cleveland had, and continues to have, a vibrant college radio scene that’s always introducing me to new artists. For over the last ten years, mail order and ordering direct from indie labels have been my #1 ways of acquiring new music. While I believe in the importance of supporting independently owned brick and mortar stores, there’s something to be said for getting a new pack of records in the mail. That said, here’s a humble guide to a few of my favorite indie labels and mail orders. (This list is far from complete and very US-centric, if you’re living elsewhere in the world and know of a great label or mail order that you think other SP reads would benefit from knowing about, send me an e-mail and I’ll put it up!)


US Distros

UK Distros

Misc Distros (Non-US)

  • Fraction Discs (Sweden)
  • Advertisements

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